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Watchlist - Vince

Trial on the Potomac - G. Gordon Liddy

Lost Sock Laundry - Aram/Jorge/Eric

Mrs. Loman - Biff Loman

Parlor Tricks - Rev. Matthews

The Puma and the Dumbwaiter - Inspector

Lost Sock Laundry - Aram

Horny - Mickey (Lead)

Anna in the Tropics - Eliades

Lack of Milk - Gus (Lead)

Medicine - Aaron

Snails Pace - Harold

Rat Sandwich - Jerry (Lead)

Social Drama Play Play - Brad (Lead)

Ye Olde Dave's Friends - Prince Marvin/Salesman

The Fop - Doctor Paul

Parlor Tricks - Alton Matthews

A Sketch of New York - New Yorker


Skin Kligman - Arthur Allen (Lead)

Infiltration - Angelo Colucci/Danny Sasso

It's Always Been You! - Gil

Avengement - Det. Diggiovanni (Lead)

Chuswick Family Reunion - Wyatt

The Puppeteer - Phillippe (Lead)

Exodus - Sebastian

Stalker - Ethan (Lead)

Don't Say Hi to Mr. Bore - Mr. Bore

Blacklisted - Lead

Grauman's Last Hero - Lead

Green Screen Histories - Roger (Lead)

Safe House - Wagner

The Confessions Stand - Monologue

Anthony Aiden Optics (Commerical) -  Lead

Adam Dates Women - Mugger

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